The guest house is located in Puu-Juuka, which is Juuka's original central. There are many historically valuable buildings in the area. For example in Art house Vikilä they sell local artists' and crafters' products. In the area there is also a renovated old mill, log flumes and the miller-master's croft.

Koli that is located near Juuka offers some excellent camping, hiking and winter sports possibilities. The well known national landscape has inspired e.g. composer Jean Sibelius and painter Eero Järnefelt. There is also a Spa in the area.

Juuka also has rather good hiking, camping, fishing and canoeing possibilities. During summer time the forests are filled with berries and mushrooms.

During winter Juuka has excellent cross country skiing possibilities on lit up ski tracks and from along the UKK-route you can find the cozy lay-bys from Korkeavaara and Pieni Telynlampi.

In the middle of Pielinen is located the island of Paalasmaa which is the highest island in Finland. You can find a lookout from the highest spot of the island, from where you can see on good weather up to 30km away all the way to the surrounding cities.

In Nunnanlahti of Juuka there is a Finnish stone centre where you can learn about the formation of vlocanoes and history of cave paintings and much more.

During summers various kinds of local festivities are held in Juuka.