Our Story

"The interior has been based on the 1930s and 1950s. We wanted to create an atmospheric and homely environment with a touch of nostalgia spiced with modern conveniences. All our rooms are unique, as are each of our guests."
Marjo Pääskyvuori

Guesthouse Juuka is located on the west bank of Pielinen and right in the center of Juuka’s original embroidery village, Puu-Juuka.

The inn building was built in 1934, when Juuan Osuuskauppa started operating in the property. The Juukeli building in connection with the Guesthouse, which used to be a warehouse, reminds us of the history of the store. Since then, the building has had many uses. The operation of the current Guesthouse began in 2015 when the municipality of Juuka sold the properties it owned. After a successful transaction, the building began to be beautified.

The interior has been based on the 1930s and 1950s. We wanted to create an atmospheric and homely environment with a touch of nostalgia spiced with modern conveniences. All our rooms are unique, as are each of our guests. In the summer, we offer affordable accommodation from Juukeli’s atmospheric loft for backpackers or those who come with their own sleeping bag.

The guest house’s room capacity increased in 2020 with five hotel rooms located 400 meters from the guest house in a commercial property. There is a lunch restaurant in the same building, where you can enjoy a tasty meal or buy a fish, potato or swede rooster.

Our inn is open every day of the year. Depending on the situation, we will receive you in person or, if you arrive in the evening, for example, we will put the key in the key box for you.

You can confirm to have a bed and breakfast for yourself by booking them in advance. The easiest way to make a reservation is through the website, but you can also call or send an accommodation inquiry by e-mail.

In the common areas of the inn you can spend time in peace in addition to your own room. Ski and swimming equipment can be conveniently dried in the drying cabinet. It is important for us to provide a pleasant accommodation experience for the traveler and the traveler in all respects.

The inn is owned by Marjo Pääskyvuori, who was born in Juuka and spends his summer there, otherwise influencing the Helsinki metropolitan area. In fact, in addition to the owner of the guest house staff will take care of each lodger full heart.

What the Juuka and Pielinen area offers you?

Juuka is especially known for its nature and its versatility. High danger ridges, the vast Pielinen archipelago and the Paalasmaa archipelago form a special feature of the Juuka landscape. In the summer, Juuka is a municipality of free housing for more than a thousand cottages, not to mention passers-by. Juuka is known for its open and easy-going Karelian residents and their hospitality.

You can easily explore Puu-Juuka on foot and admire the old buildings. In the immediate vicinity of the Guesthouse is e.g. an old pharmacy building, the House of Clubs, the Workers’ House and an old mill with a miller’s torpedo on the edge of the rapids.

If you wish, you can borrow a bicycle from the Guesthouse, go hiking in the surrounding area and go for a swim to the nearby beach, Niemislampi or Pielinen beach. Kangas-Valkeinen, on the other hand, is an attraction worth experiencing because of its particularly clear water! You can grab a nature and hiking map of the area with you, from which you can choose a shorter route or a destination that requires a little more hiking time.

South of Puu-Juuka

When traveling south, you will reach one of the village centers of Juuka, Nunnanlahti. Nunnanlahti is 13 km away. Kivikylä, Kivikeskus and Tulikivi and Nunnauuni, which represent the soapstone industry, are located in Nunnalahti.


In Kivikylä, you can learn about the history of the soapstone industry, visit the oven exhibition, enjoy a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee, or explore the services of other entrepreneurs in the area. In the stone village, there are e.g. Eco hair salon Sujula and Koli Brewery store.

Continuing the journey 14 km south of Nunnalahti, you will reach the next village center, Ahmovaara. If you want to visit the national landscapes of Koli, you can turn east from Ahmovaara and you have only 13 km national parks, the Koli Nature Center and the services of Hotel Koli.


Koli has several opportunities to spend your free time, whether you want to pamper yourself at Koli Spa or go hiking in the national park. In winter, it is possible to enjoy the rugged danger scenery while skiing in Koli.

From Puu-Juuka to the Pielinen tour

When you travel 5 km north of Juuka, a road sign will come to “another country”, Paalasmaa. Paalasmaa is a unique archipelago with year-round residents, lots of holiday homes, a camping site and Finland’s highest island with an observation tower. From the observation tower you can look in the direction of the church village of Juuka, Koli, Lieksa and in the northern direction to the city of Nurmes.

If you want to continue further north in the direction of Nurmes, you can turn right at Vihtasuo and drive along the old village road. On the way you can admire the rural landscape, stop and explore e.g. To the old monastery area of ​​Pyötikkö, to the old restored stone fence or to the rock rift along the Porttilouhi UKK route, which also has wonderful Hiking Trails with sheds.

If you want to continue your journey directly along Road 6 to Nurmes, you can visit e.g. Bomba’s house with its spas. From Nurmes you can continue your journey south and you will arrive in Lieksa, where there are e.g. Pielinen Museum in the beautiful landscapes of the Lieksanjoki River in Pappilanniemi. You can go down the rapids to Ruunaa rapids or visit the artist Eeva Ryynänen’s studio and Paateri’s church. From Lieksa you can continue your journey along the eastern shore of Pielinen to the south and you will reach Eno, Kontiolahti and finally Joensuu.