We offer accommodation in five uniquely decorated rooms of different sizes, as well as in five hotel rooms located about 400 meters from the Guesthouse.

Inn rooms

Vanhatie 8, 83900 Juuka

Rooms at the inn are located on two floors. One of the rooms downstairs also has wheelchair access. However, please indicate your needs when booking.

If you wish, you can order breakfast in advance. It is also possible to enjoy and heat your own food, as there is a fridge, coffee maker, kettle, microwave and toaster.

There is no lack of romance and warmth in this room! Decorated with roses, the room has room to dream, as it is the largest room in the Guesthouse. Thus, it is suitable, for example, for families, a group of friends or a solo traveler who especially needs space.
The color scheme of the room soothes even the busy mind and guarantees restful dreams – whether you travel alone or with a few others.
In this room you may see “blue dreams”. Please let us know if this happens. Atmospheric room suitable for one or two travelers.
This elegant downstairs room is located next to the dining room, where you can grab a book from the bookshelf for an evening reading. In the dining room, you are free to enjoy yourself, for example, in front of the TV before going to bed. This room can be connected to an adjoining double room. This room is suitable for disabled guests. If you move in a wheelchair, we will ensure your unobstructed passage to the inn. However, please remember to indicate your needs when booking. There is also barrier-free access to the toilet and shower area with a rollator and wheelchair.
In this room you can sense the summer and imagine yourself in the butterfly meadow. In the green room enjoy a fresh drink or a cup of hot crowning the day. Pets are also welcome in the room, whether it is a dog, cat, guinea pig or mini pig. Pets are also provided with their own cute bed and dining utensils. The room can be connected to the adjoining double room and dining room, making the room suitable for a larger group. A spare bed can also be placed in the room.

Hotel rooms

Poikolantie 2, 83900 Juuka

The hotel rooms are located on two floors and are unfortunately not suitable for the disabled.

It is possible to pre-order breakfast breads, yoghurt and fresh juice in the hotel rooms. Coffee or tea making facilities and food heating are possible, as the rooms have a fridge, coffee maker, kettle and a microwave.

For groups, we offer breakfast in the guest house’s dining room. The order must be made in advance.

This room takes its name from our national landscape of Koli, located 35 km from the hotel. In the room, for example, you can soak up after a hike! Pets are also welcome in this room. Pets are provided with their own bed and dining utensils.
This room is named after one of the largest lakes in our country, Pielinen. Pielinen beach is just over a kilometer’s walk away. After a walk or a swim, the rest tastes in the gentle note of the room.
We named this room Vuokko “Anemone”, a natural flower known to many. Vuokko is also one of the most vibrant village settlements in the northern part of Juuka municipality, where you can find many things to see and experience.
The name of this room, Paalasmaa, tells of one of the unique archipelagos in our country. Paalasmaa is the highest island in our country, rising 225 meters above sea level. Come and see, board the free ferry, take the passenger along the archipelago road and get up to the observation tower. – You must love it!
Valkeinen is as spacious as the room as the clear Lake Kangas-Valkeinen, from which the room takes its name. The window of the spacious room has a direct view of the center of the village, so you can even take a look at what is happening at the town hall. Maybe something wild?